Ways To Better Care For Yourself During Hepatitis C Treatment

20 April 2023
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Hepatitis C is an inflammation of the liver that is caused by a specific virus. Usually, as long as it is discovered relatively early, it is treatable with antiviral medications. But antiviral medications alone cannot do all of the work of clearing the infection and healing your liver. In addition to taking these meds, your doctor will likely have you make some lifestyle changes and take better care of yourself. The idea is that the changes you make and the treatments you employ will help support your immune system, liver, and body in general, which will allow you to heal from hepatitis C. So, how can you better care for yourself while in hep C treatment? Take a look.

Stop Drinking

Alcohol is processed in the liver. While drinking a small and manageable amount of alcohol may not usually be too damaging, it can be an issue when you have hepatitis C. So, if you normally drink, take a break from it while you're healing from hepatitis C. Don't even have a beer or a glass of wine. Go for a non-alcoholic drink instead. This way, you won't put any excess strain on your liver as it is trying to heal.


Regular, light exercise is good for your liver and will help you get more out of the antiviral medications. You don't have to train for a marathon or bike across town. Simply walking around the block once a day, doing some light gardening, or following along with a gentle yoga class on your computer should be enough to get your heart pumping.

Eat Your Vegetables

Your liver needs certain vitamins and minerals in order to create the enzymes that will help it regenerate and heal from hepatitis C. The best way to make sure you get these vitamins and minerals is to eat your vegetables. If you're struggling to get enough, try cutting up veggies to keep in the fridge and eat with dip or hummus as a snack. You could also add a handful of spinach to your smoothie, or make a soup with some extra cooked veggies. 

If you get some exercise, eat your vegetables, and avoid alcohol, your liver should have an easier time healing from hepatitis. Remember, these protocols are not a substitution for any medications your doctor might prescribe. Rather, they are measures you can take, in conjunction with taking your medications, to facilitate healing. 

For more information on hepatitis C management and care, contact a professional near you.